Friday, August 12, 2011

"Our home is the struggle; we have no home other than the struggle"

"As long as the Republic of Armenia has not rid itself of the criminal regime, as long as it has not become a happy and joyous country, our home is the struggle, we have no home other than the struggle"- N. Pashinyan, on the occasion of the release of 3 of the 7 youth oppositionists - Areg Gevorgyan, Davit Kiramijyan, and Sahak Muradyan. A fourth, Vahagn Gevorgyan, was released a little while later.

It was barely over two months since the last remaining political prisoners in Armenia had been released - apparently it was too long for this regime... they had to go and get some more.

3 are being kept in detention for 2 months - Tigran Arakelyan, Artak Karapetyan, and Sargis Gevorgyan. All 7 are charged with hooliganism and assaulting officers.

And for those who still haven't seen the video evidence of the wounds inflicted on the youth by the police:

And for a great interpretation/representation of Police Chief Alik Sargsyan's response, see Teymurazyan's post on it!

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