Sunday, August 21, 2011

Unity, Solidarity, and Principles, Giro?

I wasn't going to further expand on my thoughts on the ARF in the previous post, when I was astounded by the call for unity and solidarity and principles that the ARF's Giro Manoyan made in criticizing the US Western Region ARF's refusal to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Armenia's independence with Serge Sargsyan. I said that because i've been quite clear in the past on my feelings about the ARF. But, I would like to add a few things, nay, ask a question or three or more...

Where was the dedication to unity and principles and solidarity in the 1990s, when:

--the ARF In Armenia would not even address the First President of the Republic Levon Ter-Petrosyan as "President"

--the ARF In Armenia and abroad would write articles and spread rumors slandering the person and family of then President Levon Ter-Petrosyan

--pictures of LTP were used as target practice in ARF youth camps in the Unites States

Just a few questions. Because, I'm having some trouble understanding what you mean by unity and principles and solidarity... Where were these concepts when LTP was president, and why are they so important when Sargsyan is president? Well, we know the answer to both of these already...

...Or was it "solidarity" with the peacefully protesting Armenian People of Armenia and Karabagh when, in the Joint Communique of the ARF (along with the SDHP and the Ramgavars) in October, 1988, when the Karabagh issue was boiling, when the strength, momentum and unity of the people was undeniable, and the future held so many possibilities and dreams, including independence-- that October 1988, just 8 months after the Sumgait Pogroms, the ARF wrote:

"We also call upon our valiant brethren in Armenia and Karabagh to forgo such extreme acts as work stoppages, student strikes, and some radical calls and expressions which unsettle the law and order of the public life in the homeland and subject to heavy losses the economic, productive, educational and cultural life as well as the good standing of our nation in its relations with the higher Soviet bodies and also with the other Soviet republics. These zealous attitudes also provide the fodder for the ulterior motives of the enemies of our people."

There's clearly some type of unity and solidarity going on here, but it clearly isn't with the people of Armenia, and hasn't been for a long time. The statement by the Western Region ARF is the first, or among the first, that might possibly be a step in the right direction (but see my previous post).

And if there are any western region ARFers reading this, here's a recommendation, if truly you're interested in justice, democracy, and human rights in Armenia - use your vast network and start signing and disseminating the Petition to Free Tigran Arakelyan. That would be a good start.

And, with regards to the other undersigners of the Communique, well, the SDHP has redeemed itself, and the Ramgavars, well... does anyone even know what they're up to these days?

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Ankakh_Hayastan said...

I do not understand all this hoopla. ARF-D mas managed to marginalize itself since the independence, and especially since Robert Kocharian's presidency.

They are a fringe force, more like a club. I have ceased paying attention to them. They can be a deadly organization as we saw with Dro or the October 27 attacks but that does not make them a credible political party.