Monday, August 15, 2011

The Red Beret's name is Tigran Avetisyan... just look at the marks

A couple of sources today gave the story of what really happened last week when 7 youth oppositionists were beaten and taken to jail - 4 were released on parole/signature, 3 will remain in prison for at least the next 2 months. Now, the infamous Alik Sargsyan of the police, gave his own explanations, and then said, I know people will believe me. Right. Because you've been so trustworthy in the past.

Well, as it turns out, he's wrong again. He stated the whole thing started with someone and their unmuzzled dog; he also claimed the youth were drunk, and one of the police was injured/attacked by the youth and had to be taken to the hospital. Now we're getting a different story - there was no dog, the youth weren't drunk (they passed a breathalyzer test at the police station), and well... here's the story:

Artak Karapetyan noticed some Red Berets illegally searching a citizen, approached them, and asked to be a witness. The conversation was polite until Tigran Arakelyan approached. At that point, one of the Red Berets noted, "Hey, I recognize this guy, these guys are Levonakans," after which the argument started. At that time, five other HAK youth who were walking in the area approached the group, curious about all of the police and Red Berets who had gathered there.

Here is what they saw. Tigran Arakelyan was on the ground, and one of the red berets had his boot on Tigran's head, and Tigran's foot in his hand; two other Red Berets were striking him while he was down. When the other five tried to calm the situation, the Red Berets became violent towards them. The beating continued while the seven were in handcuffs. The 7 youth were put in 4 police cars, and Tigran Arakelyan and Vahagn Gevorgyan were in the same car...

Vahagn explained today what really happened in the car. The Red Beret began to choke Tigran while he was handcuffed, to the point where Tigran was half unconscious. Even the driver of the car and policeman noticed what was happening, that it was very likely that Tigran could die, and the driver pulled over - somehow the driver, the plainclothes policeman and Vahagn (to the extent that he could help while handcuffed) were able to get the Red Beret's hands off of Tigran's neck. When they started moving again, the Red Beret went again for Tigran's neck, trying to choke him, and it seemed to everyone in the car, that he was trying to to choke Tigran to death. In his struggle to move his neck out of reach and away from the Red Beret who was trying to choke him, Tigran's head hit the Red Beret's face.

That Red Beret's name is Tigran Avetisyan.

The beatings of the youth continued not only in the cars, but also at the police station.

The above is a roughly summarized translation of the azatutyun article, with a few points from the recorded bits as well.

So, where does that leave us? If, like Alik Sargsyan, someone wants to doubt this story, then the most logical place to start is the story of the choking. Because regardless of what someone does or says, there is no justification for a Red Beret stomping on someone's head, then trying to choke a (handcuffed) citizen. So, if he was choked, there should be marks on his neck, right? Well... take a look for yourselves... A video was taken of the youth when they were taken to the police station... Unfortunately, the video doesn't focuse on Tigran's neck, but I pulled some stills at different angles of his neck:

That about says it all.

Oh, again, that Red Beret's name is Tigran Avetisyan. So, whether Alik Sargsyan was 'misinformed,' or otherwise, there is a name to those choking hands.

Now, dear, dear, misinformed(?) Alik Sargsyan.... what're you gonna do about it? And what's stopping you from doing anything about it?

And why on earth are the three youth still in prison?

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