Saturday, October 8, 2011

More than half a neuron here...

It’s all well and good that Sarkozy was in Armenia, and he supports recognition of the Armenian Genocide. And he stood there and chanted the sounds “Tse-gha-spa-nu-tyun.” And a whole bunch of people were there welcoming him, holding welcoming signs and waving French flags. That’s all well and good. There should be international recognition of the Genocide. That’s not in question.

But if Sarkozy, or Sargsyan, or anyone else for that matter thinks that a few flags and banners, a statue, and a few syllables will make those of us with more than half a neuron for a brain think that Sarkozy’s France is pro-Armenia, that is, for a strong and independent Armenia, they’re sorely mistaken.

If France truly supported a free and independent Armenia, they would speak loudly at PACE, and not allow the page on March 1 to close. Peaceful protesters were gathered in front of the French Embassy in Yerevan, in March, 2008, and what did the Embassy do? Closed its shutters, literally and figuratively. It comes as no surprise that Sarkozy basically ignored the around the clock peaceful rally taking place in Liberty Square while he was in Armenia.

And Genocide? Let’s talk about Genocide. Its well known that despite promises to stay and protect the population of Marash, the French troops left the population-- which at that time was mostly women, children and the elderly-- sneaking out in the dark before dawn, having wrapped their horses’ hooves in cloth to muffle any sounds that might betray their stealthy escape.

True, France has since recognized the Genocide of 1915. But what of the virtual Genocide now: the massive corruption, fraud, and oppression by the illegal and oligarchic regime, whose policies and behaviors are driving such a massive emigration as to be one of the greatest, if not the greatest, threat to national security? An emigration which has been compared to a genocide. And here is Sarkozy, hobnobbing with the coordinator of the emigration, Sargsyan, himself.

Once again, the Genocide of 1915, and recognition of it, is being used, to the detriment of a strong and independent Armenia, and Armenians, today.

So go find your half-neuroned, Genocide-chanting, cheerleaders someplace else. And take your statue with you.

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