Monday, October 31, 2011

Oh no! Not that!

Yes, I would love for opposition groups to find some kind of unified ground, band together, and get rid of Serge, his higher ups, and his cronies, the oligarchy, and all of their cronies.
So, when there are differences and divisions and problems between opposition groups, I want to know why, how can it be remedied, can we change it... because what I want most is a free and independent Armenia, democratic elections and democracy period, answers to March 1 and October 27, an end to the mass exodus and emptying of villages, an end to corruption and oligarchies,... the list goes on and on...
That having been said, in that context, I honestly find it hard to bat an eyelash that:

"Asked whether the ARF-D is going to cooperate with the ANC during the elections, the ARF-D senior representative said, "It is impossible." [link]

What the ARF is, now, is so much sadder to me than the thought that they won't join the real opposition.
But, wait, that's not saying much.
Nor is their statement any surprise.
Its still sad to me, very sad. So much potential...

And for once, I'm being quite serious.

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