Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Armenia, Turkey, Azerbaijan...

[update below] Thanks to the most recent post on Aramazd's blog, I saw the Hurriyet article today on Turkey's involvement in negotiations - which led me to discover the flurry of articles published just today on this issue. There must be some serious "misunderstandings" given the spike in the number of articles, all reporting different news about the negotiations between Armenia and Azerbaijan, and Turkey's role in them. This seems to be part of the smokescreen that has been around since SS came to power. Some-one, or -ones, are lying through their teeth, and have been for a while. Here are some titles, most self explanatory - more to come later.

Azerbaijan-Armenia agree on Turkey-led Nagorno-Karabakh plan Hurriyet
Sarkisian claims Armenia `not afraid of war" Azernews online
OSCE rep cites `good possibility` for Garabagh settlement in 2009 Azernews online
Armenian expert: "If hostilities resume in the Karabakh conflict area, threatening Armenia, it may use collective forces"
Armenian Foreign Ministry: Turkey does not act as a mediator in Nagorno Karabakh conflict settlement Regnum English

And just in case the complexities of the present situation within Armenia, and the ties between Armenia-NK, Azerbaijan-Armenia, Turkey-Armenia, Azerbaijan-Turkey weren't enough, in the present day, it seems the Genocide is involved in this, too...from Hurriyet Feb 10

Babacan said talks with Armenia included the events of 1915, asking for support to the dialogue between Turkey and Armenia.

Oh, and BBC online reported this, sound familiar? He was shot in the head:Azerbaijan air force head killed

[photo from the web:]

UPDATE: Thanks to Ani for the update... Hurriyet has added some paragraphs that counter some of what the Turkish articles have said so far, which is interesting on its own - see the first comment (by Ani) for those NEW paragraphs


Ani said...

Updated Hurriyet article adds these paragraphs now:


A spokesman from the Foreign Ministry said Wednesday Turkey is not included in a solution plan to the issue, though it is an issue that concerns the country.

"There is no discussion of Turkey’s inclusion in a Nagorno-Karabakh plan. We are just gathering information from both sides," Burak Ozugergin told Anatolian Agency.

A spokesman from the Armenian Foreign Ministry also said the Nagorno-Karabakh issue was not discussed at the meeting of Turkish and Armenian foreign ministers.

"Talks on the settlement of the Karabakh problem with Turkey's help were not held", said Tigran Balayan, head of Armenian Foreign Ministry press department, according to Azeri and Azerbaijani media.

"As Armenian Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandyan said repeatedly, talks about a resolution of the Karabakh problem were being held under the mediation of the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs on the basis of Madrid proposals", said Balayan.


Apparently, the only strategy Sargsyan et al. can come up with is "confusion".

Ani said...

New article FYI from Today's Zaman:

Yerevan denies Turkish mediation in Karabakh row

Anonymous said...

The article is in Russian. It says that y/day on "Bargavatch Hayastan" conference SS pointed out in harsh expressions that people of Karabakh have already made their choice and Karabakh is not on stake for any negotiations. Russian expert Engeniya Voiko doesn't expect any mutual compromise any time soon but doesn't think war will erupt mainly because of economic crisis.

Anonymous said...

Another article in Russian on the same topic: