Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Is that an about-face, or what?

Now, I haven't seen anything on the ANC website, or in the news, about this whole CREW thing. And maybe its not related. Maybe its just more and more internal strife trying to work itself out.  But RFE/RL had a radio interview yesterday with Manoyan, and now the story in English.  Manoyan's tone seems to have changed, at least that's my feeling.  Where's the urgency? The criticism and refusal to engage in discussion with Turkey?  The quotes below don't do the interview justice, but here they are: 
“Opening the border and establishing diplomatic relations alone would not prevent the genocide’s recognition because Armenia is not committing itself to renouncing the process of genocide recognition,” Giro Manoyan ...told journalists. 
“Other calculations may lead the U.S. government to say that let’s solve this issue not this year but next year,” said Manoyan. “[Obama] did not pledge to do that on next April 24. He pledged to do that during his presidency.” 


nazarian said...

These guys are slow learners but at least at some point they are capable of that.

What was the saying, though? Even after you put a lipstick on a pig, it's still a pig?

Anonymous said...

nazarian, ask this "fat guy" called Giro Manoyan, what is his definition of "Hye Tad" , then ask his colleagues in the same party, ask, those fervent "patriots" one by one,
i am sure you will get different answers
the political thinking in diaspora or coming from diaspora, the least to say, is simplistic, emotional, subjective