Friday, February 6, 2009

That really narrows it down...

The descriptions given by eyewitnesses of the man who killed Deputy Chief of Police Gevorg Mheryan on February 3, 2009, resulted in the following description being put out by the Police: an individual around 40 years old, well-built, with black hair and eyes, 177-180 centimeters tall (5'9 1/2" - 5'11").

That is one of the most useless descriptions I've ever heard. I think that describes 90% of the men in any given Armenian family. Given the murder occurred in the dark, I wonder if it could have been a woman, though I assume the depiction of a man is based on certainty from the eye witnesses. At least the certainty of gender cuts down the potential suspects by 50%, which is more than can be said for the rest of the description.

Though I have to say I can't blame them too much. It would be extremely difficult to describe the variations of the facial characteristics of most Armenian men, especially in the dark.

[relevant article and photo can be found on Aravot and reported on RFE, the 15:00 report from February 6)

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Anonymous said...

this is what i love about my homeland, you can whup someones ass, you can murder, and there is no COPS chasing you down for it. aahh if only my enemies were all visiting Hayastan, i could have them all wacked and be so happy