Friday, February 20, 2009

Going Once, going twice.... Bjni goes to Nemets Rubo...

It is confirmed that Ruben Hayrapetyan, aka "Nemets Rubo", bought Bjni. He defends this action, saying he saved the factory from shutting down, that he is helping prevent job loss, and that he is legally buying something the government put up for auction. And he is not going to fire anyone for any differences of political opinion. He also states he wasn't forced into buying Bjni, nor is he on the outs with "Dodi Gago" - who had recommended that buyers stay away from the auction of Bjni - as apparently there are rumors to that effect. I'm not so sure what to make of all of that, especially the justification he uses that Sukiasyan initially acquired the plant in an "immoral" way, so the Sukiasyan family has no room to object. 

But, this may be the best part (lragir):

As to the money needed for buying the Bjni factory, Ruben Hayrapetyan is amazed that one can think he did not have enough money to buy Bjni. Ruben Hayrapetyan wonders how he can work for so many years and not have money.

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Ani said...

That money really piles up when you don't pay taxes.