Thursday, February 26, 2009

Message from Pashinyan, February 25

from February 25, 2009
My Dear People,

The year of March 1, 2008 is coming to an end.

Today, first and foremost, with our minds and our souls, we are with the families whose beloved sons, brothers or husbands became victims of March 1. Today, we ask of God that the souls of at least 10 victims rest in peace.

But March 1 is not a day of mourning. March 1 is the first day of spring of citizenship. On that day, the citizen of Armenia declared his/her decision to be the master of his/her own country, his/her decision to live a dignified and lawful life and proved that his/her can protect his/her rights with his/her own hands. This is a pivotal moment in the history of the Third Republic, when the people of Armenia loudly proclaimed that if the state does not serve the security and well-being of its own people, the Constitution and the Law of the land, the citizen will force the state to do so. This is the resolution that now complements our civic consciousness, regardless of who stands at the helm of the state at a given moment.

This is the only resolution that can ensure the evolution of Armenia’s statehood, its growth and continuation. We should be guided by these principles.

It goes without saying that we feel guilty about the deaths of at least 10 victims, but that feeling of guilt should propel us to action, to a more consequential and willful struggle. We should do everything for the creation of an Armenia where the hooliganism and permissiveness, the abuse, impudence and illegality of the authorities, and attempts to confiscate the will of the people will be nipped in the bud. We should create an Armenia that doesn’t crave the blood of its own children. The guarantor of such an Armenia can only be the people, the citizen who understands that he is the supreme authority and master in his own country and can realize that authority.

We have said “No” to the hooliganism of oligarchs and the permissiveness of the authorities; we have said “No” to public apathy and fear. We owe it to our children to bequeath them a dignified life and reality.

We are loyal to that which we owe our children and nothing can stop us in our path. Nothing can stop us. We will struggle till the end and are whole-heartedly committed to that struggle.
And therefore,

Long live the Republic of Armenia,
Long live Freedom,
Long live our children who will live in a Free and Happy Armeni

In sum, I want to call on all the citizens of Armenia to actively and resolutely participate in the public meeting of March 1 called by the Armenian National Congress.

Our struggle cannot be stopped. Our struggle is inevitable. Struggle, Struggle to the end.

Nikol Pashinyan
February 25, 2009


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I hope this empty windbag stays out of Armenia.

Anonymous said...

He can join Vano and live off their stolen loot.

Anonymous said...

He is Armenian from Armenia and one day he will come back but you "anonymous2" stay where you are! We indeed don't need you here.

Hayaser said...

nothing has become better, Hayastan is still the same shit, in fact its become "WORST" now than ever in terms of politics and financial, farmers are having harder time now to farm and harvest and increasing import costs, Gyumri residents are experiencing massive increasing cost of living, the poor is staying poor and becoming more poor than ever. i love my Hayastan so very much, but i am not typical stanci to be fooled by others that Hayastan is becoming better and that everything is fine...ITS NOT !

Hayaser said...

and NIGOL MIGOL FIGOL is another JEWtp ass licker, he is nother politician MAKING MONEY from the downfall of society.