Friday, March 20, 2009

Against Self-Empowering Hierarchies and Destructive Mentalities

There's obviously been a wide variety of reactions to the announcement that LTP would be running for mayor. I think its brilliant. However, listening to the radio there are clearly those, it would seem both regular folks as well as regime individuals, who feel that the position is below him, or that he would be taking a step down. A recent lragir article addressed this to some extent a well, noting that that type of mindset is very hierarchical, and a remnant of the Soviet mentality.
The announcement is a tactical move, one of the crucial differences between someone like LTP and Sargsyan/Kocharyan. Another crucial difference is exactly what lragir points out, the mindset. The SS/RK purpose is to maintain power, and to gain more, for themselves, even at cost to the people and the country. What LTP is showing is that it is not about the power, or about an individual or an ego, but about an idea, a long-term goal, about finding the best way to get things changed.
What it comes down to is this - SS/RK are the folks who brought us the violence of March 1, the repressions and the political imprisonment that continue today - all in the name of their own power and rank. Of course they couldn't foresee LTP running for mayor - they wouldn't think of it themselves because it is not in their visual field. To now say that this move by LTP and the ANC is shameful, or looks bad, because it is a step down, is a very hierarchical, and Soviet, as Lragir pointed out, mindset. And a very harmful one to a country that is trying to move forward.


Anonymous said...

It is shameful not because it is a step down; it is shameful because LTP should be in jail, not in the mayor's office.

Hayaser said...
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Harutyun said...

How come you are alive, "hayaser"?

Anonymous said...

maybe hayaser is gonna replace pashinyan. similar hysterical approach.

tzitzernak2 said...

I removed Hayaser's comment from March 22, 8:19 am - I am reposting it here with obvious editing. Comments that are violent in nature are not welcome.
Hayaser - or anyone else for that matter - if you cannot express your opinion without violence, then do not write the comment at all.

"anyone who backs/supports JEWtp and his cronies need their head examined

anyone who backs/supports Rk/Ss and their evil mafia cronies need their head examined

if anyone has any real money, power, influence, and BIG balls...[violence deleted]

its not a coincidence that rk/ss have ordered murders of alot of their opposition and yet their biggest opponent is JEWtp who is still alive. does anyone see the REAL picture here?"

Hayaser said...

how can i replace pashinyan if i am ANTI-JEWtp. pashinyan is JEWtp's lil bitch. where as I AM NO ONES BITCH PERIOD. not even if someone PAID me like pashinyan receives

its unbelievable what responses my comments receives

HH said...

Dear Tzitzernak, what if you do not post "Hayaser"'s comments at all? Not that I am against free speech, but if anything is just insolent and deliriously fallacious, why do we need to waste or time? Especially considering the fact that all his comments are exactly the same: everyone is a jew (which, he thinks, means a criminal against the humanity or something equally evil), receives money from somewhere for some mysterious reason, and needs to be assassinated. All who visit your blog know his "opinion" by heart. Let's thank him for being so articulate and get rid of his hallucinations.