Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Cheryomukha-7, blunt objects, and the Order

We've known for a while now that three of the victims of March 1 were killed because of supposed "incorrect use" of the the Cheryomukha-7, whose shells are meant to be fired into the air (and not directly at a person).
First there was a question of how old the shells were: it was noted that they were outdated, and maybe that was the problem. Or that they were used improperly because instead of being fired into the air, they were fired directly into a crowd. And Russian exports reported that even aged shells, if shot into the air correctly, wouldn't kill someone.
But the autopsies showed that two of the three were shot in the head, and one in the hip - the cause of death not at all related to gas, but to direct impact.
Initially it was thought that experts would be able to trace shell fragments to specific guns, which was important especially as investigators had discovered that there were only four officers who were carrying those weapons. But somehow, the fragments didn't lend themselves to further studies and identification. And even now the government refuses to answer specific questions about the use of those weapons.
Alla Hovhannisyan, mother of Tigran Khachatryan, the first victim of March 1, has been interviewed multiple times, and has pointed out significant discrepancies in the investigation and reports. As the ArmeniaNow article from March 1 on the topic reports, the Prosecutor's documents state that “Tigran Khachatryan, at about 20:00 along with several participants of the mass disorder, went to the Leo crossroad from Myasnikyan’s statue, and he died there at about 21:30.” Yet, the last video he caught on his phone was for 2 minutes starting at 21:19, the demonstration held at the Myasnikyan’s statue. How could he have be at Leo Street since 20:00 and have shot the demonstration at the Myasnikyan’s statue? How could he have gone a kilometer in 8 minutes and appeared in the Leo Street and ‘participated in the mass disorder’? (paraphrased from the article).

Well, yesterday's RFE/RL had another interesting tidbit.
Testifying before the commission earlier this week, Khachatrian mother, Alla Hovannisian, revealed the findings of a forensic examination which suggested that the young man was repeatedly hit by a blunt object before being shot dead late on March 1.

If the forensic examiner is correct, then this yet a whole new dimension. There is no error, no expiration, no miscalculation or incorrect use in beating someone. There is no incorrect firing angle, no distance, and no anonymity.

And in the end, we're still left asking, who gave the order?

[see 2/20/09 article from ArmeniaNow for a summary]


Anonymous said...

Shame on the organizers of the rallies for whipping up everyone into hysteria on that fateful day.

When will Levon, Nikol and the others be brought to justice?

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me? A peaceful rally(freedom of expression) is the heart of any democratic country. Sadly, Armenia is not democratic. It is ruled by authoritarian thugs who are no different that the communist thugs before them.

Anonymous said...

Nothing peaceful about calling for riot police and soldiers to join the crowd and fight against the state.

Levon wanted blood spilled and he got it.

Anonymous said...

Idioto Anonymous 1 and 3, so who beat and then killed the victim with a Cheryomukha?

Hayaser said...

with out doubt, it is obvious collaberation between both parties JEWtp and Rk/SS. these 2 collaberated months before March 1st and both parties wanted blood and death so that they can put fear into ppl and make them NOT WANT TO PROTEST EVER AGAIN

this rallying was not peaceful
JEWtp and his cronies knew dam well they wanted mass hysteria/civil unrest. there was even talks of wild out civil war/revolution. these bastards are all "working together" yet all of you act as if there are 2 sides. it is set up to "appear" that way, but its no secret that both sides collaberate/communicate with each other in secret under tables and behind closed doors. both parties need each other to create this "THING" between them, with out each other what do you have?...PEACE and CALMNESS

same like JEW.s.a. needed 9/11 attacks to blame it on EYrabs and then both sides work together to MAKE IT SEEM as though they fighting each other. its all SMOKE n MIRRORS. thats what politics is...ONE BIG ENTERTAINING SHOW

Anonymous said...

Right on Hayaser, and those political prisoners in Armenia are in on it too. They arnt being sentenced to prison, they are being sent to paradise island resorts for the duration of their sentence. Wow, i wish i was in on this whole big jew conspiracy. Wow to think, a country like Armenia, one of the rare countries still homogeneous in race and religion, has jews deciding its internal issues. Wow, how smart/clever those jews are. Hell they control the world. Lets see, if that’s the case, Putin is a Jew, Obama is a Jew, Ahmadinejad is a jew, Kim Young Il……you guessed it a big fat jew, Castro…half a jew…. Hayaser…are you sure your not in on the jew conspiracy? Are you sure your not a jew trying to trick us by calling yourself hayaser? Hmmmmmmm………makes me ponder.

Anonymous said...

Oh wait....does my semi praise of jews being clever to control the world make me a jew???? more to ponder. lol