Wednesday, March 4, 2009

An important 50th birthday

March 5 marks what would have been the 50th birthday of Vazgen Sargsyan.
There is much to be said, revered, and even debated, about the life of this Armenian Hero.
He was assassinated on October 27, 1999.
Some pawns in the game were found guilty.
Is there any doubt in what truly happened?
Have we not seen this pattern of violence again?
I do find some comfort in the thought that the respect for such a man is shared by supporters of both sides of the present crisis: a Freedom Fighter, a man who died for his country, for his principles.

May he rest in peace.
May his hopes and dreams for a better Armenia come true today.
Vano Siradeghyan's famous letter to Vazgen Sargsyan can be seen here (Armenian Only). Unfortunately, I don't remember the original link/site I saved this from.


Anonymous said...

Who would shed a single tear if vano joined vazgen one day soon?

nazarian said...

There we go with death threats again.

Can't you guys live without wishing someone dead? What's wrong with you?

Anonymous said...

death threats-
bread and butter for tashnags

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1,
Clearly you think such flippant, naive, reckless and irresponsible comments constitute a political platform.

I do hope, for your sake,that a slightly higher level of sophistication guides the remaining aspects of your thought processes.

Aziz 55.5 said...

Anonymous 1,
You don't deserve an answer!
Payqar, payqar mincev verc!

Hayaser said...