Sunday, March 1, 2009

March 1, 2009 - One year on

UPDATE: here is LTP's speech today

One year on, and the repressions and violence continue. The Trial of the 7, Jahangiryan's trial, and others continue, with no real signs of turning toward following the laws set forth in the Constitution, or any real logic, for that matter. Some trials have concluded, with outcomes that boggle the rational mind. A year on, we still have over 50 political prisoners (whether or not Jupiter and Mars have aligned in a way that they can be recognized by PACE as such, or not). We still have a government bent on silencing those who would speak out in any way. A year on, there are no answers, no resolution - only postponements, misinformation and confusion.

My sincerest condolences to the families of those who lost their lives of their loved ones.
My deepest gratitude to those who continue to struggle for a better Armenia.

At this moment, police are blocking access to Matenadaran, and limiting incoming traffic from the outlying regions. LTP has already arrived at the scene. A police official has news that someone who has been in hiding may come to the demonstration today (eg Sukiasyan or Pashinyan), as per A1plus. SS lit a candle at St. Sarkis in memory of the 10 victims - I wonder if it was the candle he was too busy to use last year, getting inaugurated, on the Karasunk (40th day of mourning) of the victims of March 1.

It seems it is not just Armenians who have been looking ahead to this day. The US State Department and Human Rights Watch just released scathing reports regarding the current situation in Armenia. Journalists/Reporters from around the world seemed to take a heightened interested: Al Jazeera, Institute for War and Peace, The Moscow Times, to name a few.

And what is the rest of the Armenian nation doing on this historic day?

SDA is having a conference in Paris, where a documentary on March 1 will be shown as well. I'm hoping the documentary will be made available online.

The AAA is kicking off their annual Advocacy conference in Washington D.C. Have a great time at your Gala Banquet!


Hayaser said...

indeed today is a sad day for me
as a real true genuine Hayaser Hay i find myself alone and depressed, those who fight this struggle i am with you, those who died i am FOR YOU. akh yerani if my Hayrenik one day will be free of this communistic regime, but that is a false hope and an unrealisitic dream. i am hurt by how my ppl have reacted during the past 1-2 years now, i hold JEWtp responsible for alot of it, as it is his job (hired by zionists collaberating with SS/RK) to anger the crowds and get himself back into the spotlight, but also i hold my ppl responsible for giving into a false hope and being duped into thinking that they can remove SS/RK regime and replace it back with JEWtp. they dont realize that it was RK/SS regime that removed JEWtp with the backing of PUTIN, it was not "THE PPL" of Hayastan. so for them to think that "THEY" hold the power to remove them is a fools thought, the only way to remove this regime is with POPULATION increase, the more influx of Hays returning, the harder it is for SS/RK to control everyone. the less there is, the easier it is for them to keep their stranglehold on our homeland

while alot of stancis here in glenHELL are more worried about what lexus or bmw they will be getting and what party they will be attending next, i am always thinking about my homeland and why i cant be there with my ppl

Aziz 55.5 said...

Dear Hayaser,
If you are indeed one, what is keeping you from going to Hayastan?
It's one thing to make a statement like that and another not to follow it through.
Payqar Payqar mincev verc.

Anonymous said...

aziz- it is typical of levon-worshipers to have fleeced the country (usually their daddies did some additional graft/theft as commie chinovnikner) and then ran off to LA. then they have to demonize everything in armenia as a way to sleep at night in justifying their flight from armenia. instead of working to make it a better place, they have to paint it to be an unlivable place.

sad creatures.

Pigh said...

One offtop question.
Why you choose "nickname" tzitzernak?

tzitzernak2 said...

Sorry, my friend. Not quite.
Thanks for the compliment, anyway.

Anonymous said...

so you call yourself "hayaser" because you "think about your homeland"? why don't you move your ass then to Armenia and feel the pain and agony of SS regime on your skin instead of giving empty speeches from distant USA?
and for God sake, stop that "jewTP" stupid phrase, people lough at you, and your conspiracy theories and anti-jewism, that's typical oriental backward thinking, no matter how long you live in USA ...
you are right in only one thing
Putin is the real president of Armenia, serjuk merjuk are mere puppets, he appoints the prez and he decides our foreign policy?
hasgetsar amerighatsi "hayreniki masin medadzogh" hayaser?