Monday, March 23, 2009

Vardanyan reports that he is giving Jhangiryan 3 years

Anyone who has listened to or watched the news in Armenia knows that there seems to be some type of race among reporters to see who can speak the fastest, even to the extent of being almost incomprehensible at times. For those television newscasters reading from a paper report, they often read so quickly that they barely have time to lift their heads to look at the camera.
Which is why it is not surprising that Judge Vardanyan spoke so quickly, and didn't raise his head during his sentencing of Jhangiryan - he was reading a report. Maybe he wrote it, maybe he even chose what to say,.. maybe. But compare how he reads his document, and how Jhangiryan read his own, almost 50 page text on the 18th, and what's happening is clear. As his lawyer Lusine Sahakyan said, "Vardanyan was unable to disobey an order."

This is the video of the sentencing:

Lragir posted the text of Jhangiryan's speech, but then it disappeared. However, the text of the document, is available here, in Armenian only. It is a longer document, but one well worth reading.


Hayaser said...

this is very sad, but i dont know too much about Jhahangiryans situation other than he seems to be outspoken against this regime, so if i do same thing on massive public scale stage, will Rk and his lil barking bitch SS give me 3 years too

Ani said...

It’s basically expectoration or vomiting, a need to get the words out as quickly and as meaninglessly as possible. He deliberately drains meaning from the words so that he can appear to be divorced from their performative actions, although of course that is a charade: his words pronounce the fate of someone, whether he wants them to or not. It’s also a show of embarrassment and shame—in another context you can see this type of performance by children when forced to perform in public. That judges and television anchors alike use this form of drained discourse shows the deep level of shame in the public face of Armenian society.

Anonymous said...

Jhangiryan deserves to rot for a while for all the misery and hell caused to countless families of killed servicemen during his reign as military prosecutor.

I could care less how fast or slowly his too short sentence is read.

nazarian said...

Anonymous, but he has not charged for what you are describing here. One of the basic human rights is not to be punished for things you haven't done.

But human rights might be a concept well beyond the grasp of a pro-regime mind.