Saturday, October 10, 2009

How not to run a race...

The table where the document was signed (via GoldenTent's Twitter).

I remember back when I was a kid, we'd have sports competitions; We'd divide up into two teams, and compete in a bunch of events. And when it came down to the one on one events, like a sprint race, we'd look around our teams and decide who should run the race - who would be best at that race, who was the fastest, who would be most likely to win for our team. And that's who we would send to run that final race for our team. Not the guy who sprained his ankle yesterday, or was getting bullied by a bigger guy on the other team, or who's overly competitive girlfriend is on the other team. We all looked around and chose the fastest guy there was- And we definitely never picked the guy the other team wanted us to pick.

It's not that I don't want to run in the race, or play the game.
It's that the guy running the race for Armenia just sprained his ankle, is desperate, is the other's teams choice, and easy to bully.
Who chose this guy???... Oh, yeah...


Hayaser said...

YEEEEEEEEEES finally my Hayastan gets to breath once again.

YEEEEEEEEEES free flow of economic trade with out interruptions

YEEEEEEEEEES to pissing off gor gor davajan spyurks and insult their dajavanutyun for not 20, but last 50 freakin years


special video i made for gor gor davajan spyurks, add more insult to their BULLsh*t injury. video shows my protest sign i had made that i displayed against gor gor davajan spyurks' protest. since they refused to show it in their videos, i decided to POST it on youtube for entire "gor gor davajan" world to see

Lingua said...

Thanks to the Protocols, Hayaser, 'your' Hayastan will soon by invaded by Turkey, and will endure and suffer what Western Armenia did, elly. And there will be no one left to say "tsavut danem."

Anonymous said...

Dear Hayaser, your wish has come true. Soon, the Turkey you think is so civilized will invade "your" Armenia as it did W. Armenia, "elly." And then, there will be no Armenian species left to "tsavut danem."

Arman said...

yessss - hayaser is back to enlighten. picking up where pashainyan left off!!