Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Well said...

Article from Lragir, October 13:

The Armenian-Turkish protocols would not exist if Armenia was not weak. It is not accidental that the rival started its attack after March 1. Our movement will aim to eliminate not the consequence but the cause, said the representative of Sardarapat movement Jirayr Sefilyan. According to him, the Sardarapat committee is being formed now and 3 offices will work.

In Sefilyan’s opinion, the ARF activities are not honest. If they wanted to prevent Serge Sargsyan’s betraying actions, they had to initiate a signature gathering action and put it on the table of the president. Sefilyan does not understand either how a force in authoritarian country may be oppositional and have a television station at the same time.

As to the Armenian National Congress, according to Sefilyan, the HAK was unable to reach its final goal. Congress is an honest movement which is why he is not going to leave it.

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