Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Some pics and an article...

The Armenian Weekly recently published a piece by Henry Theriault which I think is a tad different than their usual, though I have to admit I don't read the Weekly consistently - here are some excerpts:

Sarkisian’s actions in the early part of his presidency demonstrate clearly that he has no regard for Armenian human rights and will violate them any time he desires. His actions were little different from those of Turkish political leaders and institutions that today suppress the basic human rights—freedom of speech, freedom of religion, right to property, and even right to life—of Armenians within Turkey...

Serge Sarkisian’s complicity with genocide deniers and in the genocidal expropriation of Armenian land and movable wealth could have been prevented if enough people inside and outside Armenia had stood up against his initial human rights abuses... The Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) should have understood the lessons of history above—that there is no way to work with human rights abusers to protect human rights—instead of wishfully thinking that it could temper and even change the nature of Sarkisian’s abusive rule by participating in the government. This approach never works. And, one has to ask, where were the Swiss then, when they could actually have helped Armenians and promoted democracy and human rights? Instead, they have piled onto the Armenian population around the world to help Turkey push them into accepting the violation of their rights and memory represented by the protocols....

The only way that its citizens can act to save their own society is if Sarkisian’s illegitimate abuse of human rights and suppression of their political dissent stops. However great Sarkisian’s moral violation against Armenians for complicity in the final consolidation of the Armenian Genocide, it is not a prosecutable crime. Sarkisian’s use of state violence against Armenian citizens and the jailing of opposition, however, would seem to be....

To save Armenia and Armenians from the continued rule of a leader so cavalier about violations of their rights, Armenians and Armenian organizations inside and outside of Armenia, as well as international human rights organizations and foreign governments, should begin pressing for a credible investigation into the allegations of Sarkisian’s use of violence against protesters and violations of the rights of those jailed for political reasons under his presidency. If sufficient evidence is found that he has violated human rights, he should be indicted and stand trial for his violations. If he is found guilty, he should be punished in accord with the law, including with jail time if warranted by law.

And for some more visual points of view:

The cartoon is being circulated on the web And the photo, from what I'm told, was of a poster presented at the "No Protocols" protest taking place in front of the Permanent Mission of Armenia to the United Nations in New York on Saturday, Sept. 19, 2009.


Anonymous said...

Limerick for a Traitor

There once was a gremlin named Serge,
who thought Turkey and Armenia should merge.
But he underestimated his people,
who impaled him on a steeple.
Now, six feet under, no one sings him a dirge.

Anonymous said...

Serge has totally disgraced the Armenian Nation. He should and must resign immediately. Enough is enough!

I sincerely thank the authors of both visuals for cleverly saying NO to criminal governance in any country, NO to unelected leadership in Armenia, and NO to auctioning off Armenia, Armenian rights and Armenian dignity. They did an exceptional job!

S-E-R-J-I-K H-E-R-A-C-I-R!

Anonymous said...

The cartoon and the "Enemies..." picture are right on target.

In the latter, I assume it means that Ataturk and Talaat took Western Armenia through murder. In the case of Serge, he is giving up that land with the stroke of a pen.

The cartoon is terrific because it shows all the vultures willing to buy Armenia and Artsakh from Serge and Nalbandian. The latter two characters are even willing to sell the genocide issue. Make that GIVE AWAY the genocide issue.

More stuff like this, please.