Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Aram and Anna, Part 4

Aram: Hundred of police cars… transport trucks…buses…

Anna: … and they were not letting anyone in or out… it was really a horrible scene, as if there was a third world war going on, as if bombs were found there. It was obvious that people behind them did not want the truth out, or maybe later on, when the needles and syringes were found there… now that I think about it…

Aram: At 6:30 the cover up had started… when we reached the Northern Boulevard, there were several journalists with cameras

Anna: ... trying to take pictures of blood pools

Aram: There was a "Yerkir media" camera woman fighting with several police mean with batons, the policemen were with batons out. It wasn't just they were casually standing there protecting the perimeter.

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