Saturday, December 27, 2008

No room for family...

The Trial of the Seven keeps getting postponed. They keep pushing out more and more supporters, press, family, and either filling the courtroom with strangers, who are potentially paid, or leaving it empty. I'm not sure who this is benefiting - sure its easier for the judge to put it off, giving him more time, but is there another motive, another deadline to meet? Or is the banditocracy trying to bring things to such a head that things implode, on a small scale, and they can use it against the Opposition, against the People, against the Seven.
There are many videos getting posted almost daily - see the YouTube channel for a1plus, especially.
All of the videos about the court hearings are worth watching, but this video caught my attention.

The woman whom you see upset in the very beginning is the sister of Alik Arzumanyan, one of the Seven. Here is a rough translation of what she is saying:
“I’m going to pass. Let me go, I’m going to pass… Let the whole world see that they are not letting through the only sister of the RoA’s first ambassador: Arzumanyan, Neta (?)”[The a1plus article has her as Nelli Arzumanyan]

The other individuals interviewed on the video, who also speak very well, are:
Melissa Brown – Activist, wife of Alexander Arzumanyan
Arshavir Bozinyan- Azatamart
Aram Sargsyan – President of the “Republic” party
Mikael Danielyan – Human Rights Defender

Jahangiryan's trial is continuing, and he continues to dominate the courtroom. In fact, after basically calling the case and the court a farce, telling the entire courtroom that everything is biased and it wouldn't matter if the judge and the policeman on the stand switched places, and citing article after article of law, he pulls out a prepared speech, and calls the entire thing unconstitutional. He continues in this manner, but then wishes everyone success in their endeavours.


Anonymous said...

someone name of melisa brown speaking our Hayeren? that is so weird. how did she learn it so well??

tzitzernak2 said...

For those interested, a while back she answered some questions in an interview format for me and I posted it: here's the link: