Saturday, December 13, 2008

Now that's what I call a Telethon...

The Center of Civil Development is having a Telethon to raise money, this December 21. Please join me in watching and supporting this, and SPREAD THE NEWS that this is happening.

On a personal note, when the original Armenia Fund came out, years ago, and did the first Marathon Telethon, I was very excited. It was one of the first times I had seen an attempt to publicly unify all Armenians, scattered all around the world, for the betterment of Armenia and NK. And so, when early on, they used certain strategies, like pictures of Monte Melkonian, to help inspire and motivate people, and raise money, I was more than okay with it. More than okay because, unlike what is true today, those fighting for the country, literally and figuratively, were back then supported by and supporters of the government. But what that telethon has become is, well, quite intolerable to say the least.
I hope, and have reason to believe, that this Telethon will be a resurgence of that which once was. That is, a reminder to those who watch that at the center of the word Armenian, is Armenia, which is nothing if not composed of individuals. That to claim an Armenian heritage is not an end in itself, but a manifestation of a truth which requires that a person further Armenia as a country, a nation, a collection of unified individuals-- fundamental to which are the FUNDAMENTAL Human Rights which have been taken away as of recent.


Anonymous said...

Tzizernak, thank u for the post. the first year of the all armenia fund they raised over 11 million. this year the all armenia fund raised a little over 5 million. the rest was raised at dinners held for russian and other millionnaires. That tells you what?

Anonymous said...

Exactly...i remember being a member of the Hunchak youth during the first telethon...we were volunteering from early in the morning till an hour after it was off the air and people were donating lots and lots of people from small amounts 25-50$ to big amounts 100-250$ and wow our phones never stopped ringing, cant say the same of what I watched over TV these past few years. Oh btw thanks for the Shirkhanyan video.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tzitzernak,
thank you for your information.
This is the first public info I heard. I think they need good PR.
To my compitence Manushak Petrosyan, the director of Eurokanch Foundation is in LA for that. I am heard also that Arman Musinian, LTP's press secretary left for USA, as well.
Would you mind to tell me please, the contact persons of the Center and their contacts.
Tsovinar Nazaryan,