Friday, May 8, 2009

Beatings Do Not a Lasting Testimony Make

The Case of the Seven may no longer exist as it was, but the multiple court cases that have resulted carry on the legacy of complete absurdity.

Sasoun Mikaelyan's case is no exception. RFE/RL reported yesterday on witness Yasha Melkonyan's statements, some of which have been in the written news. But the radio piece (May 6: 15:00 hrs: 10:30-12:56) is definitely worth listening to- here are some highlights:
Melkonyan stated that 10 days ago he was told by the prosecution what accusations he should make against Mikaelyan - that he was to say that he was following the orders of Mikaelyan on March 1, orders to attack with pipes.

In the courtroom, Melkonyan stated he did not seen any pipes on March 1, and that the only reason he ever stated anything like that was because of the injuries he sustained to his chest. After the March 1 events, he had been "invited" to the police station as a participant in the events, and had been beaten. The Chief of the Hrazdan Criminal Division of Police was among four individuals who did the beating, and were wearing masks. Melkonyan stated that during the beating he saw the face beneath the mask, he saw Sergei Margosyan (the Chief) with his own eyes.  The reason for the beating was that the times he gave did not correspond to the times on the video.

Two days ago, his home was searched by police, and 1 gram of cannabis had been supposedly found, attributed to his son. Melkonyan says this is an attempt to pressure him further to make accusations against Mikaelyan.

Melkonyan stated that the testimony was false, and apologized for them in court.

Mikaelyan expressed in court how sad it is that Freedom Fighters are being beaten, and forced to give [false] testimony against their brothers in arms.

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