Friday, May 1, 2009

May 1 Rally - "Critical Juncture"

I haven't seen any official or unofficial numbers yet, but Lragir reported that today's demonstration had no fewer participants than those in the past. A number of articles and videos are already out - see the YouTube pages of Tert and A1plus. Onnik Krikorian has also already posted links to some of his own photos and videos, see here.

LTP's speech is out as well - here is the start:

(The Speech of Levon Ter-Petrosyan at the Rally of 1 May, 2009)

Dear Compatriots:

First, I would like to congratulate you and our entire nation on the International Day of Worker’s Solidarity, the relevance of which has particularly increased with the sad reality Armenia currently finds itself in.
Exactly two months have passed since the rally on 1 March, which is not a long period, but it has been one filled with many significant processes and events, the following four of which I want to bring to your attention:
1. The deterioration of the socio-economic situation;
2. The wrecking of the “case of seven”;
3. The deepening of the Armenian-Turkish dialogue;
4. Preparations for the elections of the mayor of Erevan.
What I will do below is attempt to present the positions of the Armenian National Congress regarding each of them in as brief a space as possible.

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[photo from a1plus]


Anonymous said...

PanArmenian says it is 7.000-8.000 ppl.
After a short while after March 1 slaughter I completely stopped checking out since I couldn't find anything relevant to Armenia. Everything was about Turkey. While in Armenia everything was upside down judging from their aticles one would think nothing had happened in Armenia.
Today I see 3 articles abt not just Armenia but quite pro-opposition ones...
"ANC coordinator Levon Zurabyan informed journalists that they have been given a notice about suspicious groupings in Yerevan, though police ignored their warnings about the fact ."

I don't believe I seen anything this type those days...

Is it because ARF left coalition and proclaimed itself an "opposition"?

Since I stoppled reading them long ago I can't really insist but that is how my feelings are...

Anonymous said...

Happy May Day tovorish levonchik! In the true spirit of Trotsky, Stalin and the other agents of the communist internacionale.