Saturday, May 30, 2009

Twitter Updates from HIMA about the election, MAY 31

UPDATE: Here is the list of violations from the HAK (Armenian only)

UPDATE - Unzipped has a great list of twitter source for minute to minute election updates, as well as some of the HIMA twitters in English.

HIMA will be posting timely updates of the May 31 Mayoral elections - follow them on Twitter - I've linked up to the updates on this blog as well in the side bar.

Here's hoping for Free and Fair Elections.

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Anonymous said...

Is it possible for the powers to admit defeat if indeed they lose the elections?

Just as valid a hypothesis (and given the many different parties/pyramids in the mix with non-negligible support, maybe more relevant), is it possible for the opposition to concede defeat if indeed they lose the elections?

Something tells me that while the former is not as likely as I would want to believe, the latter is very unlikely given the "nothing to lose" attitude LTP has.