Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Matthew Bryza on Nagorno Karabagh

The interview Bryza gave to Russian Echo is all over the web. A1plus, Tert, and many other news sources have excerpts in multiple languages. For those who like to see more than just snippets in English, remember that you can have Google translate the page for you. What comes out is actually pretty good - obviously not perfect, but pretty darn good. Click here for the Google translated interview.

Interviews like this make me wonder even more what is REALLY going on - or rather - convince me even further that there are decisions and dealings being made. I don't expect sensitive issues to be discussed in detail, publicly. That doesn't make sense, for any government, even legitimate ones. But when there is SO much intentional misinformation, when so many mixed messages are put forth, and no simple, plain truths are given, by what is already an illegitimate government, well, then, I at least get that sense that deals are being made, hands are being shaken, and Armenia is going to get the brunt of it in the end.

Because Sargsyan is not in control of what is going on. Nor does he truly represent Armenia. And thats a bad combination. He's not just between a rock and hard place. He's got a lightning storm above him and an earthquake below him. Odysseus had it easy (with just one Scylla and one Charybdis). But don't get me wrong, I'm not pitying him. Not one bit.


nazarian said...

SS is seeking legitimacy abroad since he is not a legitimate president in the eyes of the majority of the Armenian citizens. And the opposing sides know it - they will squeeze the last drop of juice out of him. Because of his need to seem legitimate, there will be a lot of juice squeezed out of him. The problem is that it's not his juice, it's the Armenian people who will lose it all.

That's why I say that SS is bad for the Armenian people and needs to go. If he cared at all about Armenia, he would leave. But it's obvious that he doesn't care. Otherwise, he would not have taken over the country with the use of fraud and brute military force.

tzitzernak2 said...

Agreed - 100%.

Hayaser said...

Yet diaspora remains quiet on all of this to this very point and most likely beyond
Diasporans will CRRRRRRYYYYY Genocide 24/7, but does'nt cry about Artsakh and our internal enemies
If conessesions are made and finalized, I will blame diasporans as I have blamed them for years on status of Armenia. They dont care anything about "east of Ararat" all they cry about is "west west west" a war which they will never win and battles that have yet to be fulfilled. It goes to show how much diasporans are very Anti-REAL Armenia and very much Anti-Hayastanci. They mass protest and come together for genocide revenge all over JEW.s.a, ooohh but when it comes time for Armenia's sake and well being...."ohh no thats not our country we dont care for them over there"....is that how it goes? are these the words i've always heard whispered under their lips when sitting around them at scouts and other Armenian functions....now it seems those words do mean reality for Armenia's future.

Also want to make a point that It is more than clear/obvious that this mafia regime and this JEWtp fucker know very well they can do whatever they want becaue there is no intervention from wealthy/strong diaspora. They know dam well that while spyurks are so occupied with GENOCIDE revenge 24/7, that these banditocracy criminals can rule Armenia with iron fist and steal all wealth they want and piss all over its citizens

Armen Filadelfiatsi said...

So, what you are saying "Hayaser" is that the solution to Armenia's internal problems needs to come from the outside? From people who haven't a clue about what is going on in Armenia, like you said? From people who will not be effected by the decisions that they make? What kind of Hayasirutiun is that?

I say the problems of Armenia need to be solved by the people of Armenia, and the diaspora should be supportive but keep quiet about a future that it is not going to have to live.