Thursday, August 27, 2009

Do these names sound familiar???

A number of articles have come out regarding guilty parties in the March 1 events of 2008. There has been some focus on identifying the sniper, as well as the charging of four police. While there's not denying that identifying individuals responsible for violence is a good thing, that's not where it should end. But it would be just like these authorities to find a way to make a mockery of such issues - whether its the false amnesty of January 2009 to buy a PACE reprieve, the tongue in cheek amnesty of June 2009, or the continued beatings, repressions, fraudulent trials, or imprisonments. Finding a bunch of individuals who followed orders and committed violence may look good, but it doesn't address the fundamental question of WHO gave those orders...

Which brings us to the most exciting news so far - a document has been published listing, one by one, the individuals who received uniforms prior to the march 1 events. These are the guys, who days in advance of March 1, 2008, organized and planned, and distributed appropriate uniforms for use. Some of these names may be familiar:

1. Vatche Ghazaryan ("Vacho," Head of Serge's bodyguards)
2. Gagik Tsarukyan ("Dodi Gago," MP, Prosperous Armenia)
3. Surik Khatchatryan ("Liska," Head of a Marz/Region Syunik, Republican Party)
4. Levon Sargsyan ("Alraghatsi Lyovik," MP, Republican Party)
5. Gagik Beglaryan ("Chorni Gago," Mayor of Yerevan, at that time he was head of the Central Yerevan District)
6. Hovik Abrahamyan ("Muk," President of Parliament, at that time was Vice Prime Minister, and Minister of Regional Administration, Republican Party)
7. Arakel Movsisyan ("Shmays," MP, whose brother had been imprisoned for his pivotal role in the organization of "October 27," Republican Party)
8. Mher Sedrakyan ("Tokhmakhi Mher," was head of the Erebouni District during March 1, 2008)
9. Samvel Aleksanyan ("Lfik Samo," MP, Republican Party)

The first column next to the names is the number of winter uniforms given to each individual, followed by the number of cotton uniforms, then the number of hats given to each individual.

So far, there is only one summary article in English about all of this (click here). A1plus has it in Armenian, as does Lragir. I can't imagine the English won't be available soon.

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Hayaser said...

hang them all
especially dodi modi fodi