Sunday, August 23, 2009

Is the Warden secretly reading Pashinyan's work?

Analogous to the series Pashinyan wrote while in hiding, he is writing a series, for those who do not already know, from prison. Part 27, which came out on August 19th, has a commentary on some of the conditions in the prison, prison life, as well as some characteristics of the guards and even the warden himself.
Apparently, soon after Part 27 was published, the prison administration no longer allowed Pashinyan to receive newspapers (which is his legal right), which has led to the speculation that perhaps the warden or prison administration is punishing him for his writings.
What I would like to know is, does the warden, or the rest of the authorities for that matter, read Pashinyan?
I imagine they read his writing with simultaneous hatred, and childlike joy... impatient for the next part to be published, sneaking off to read the newest piece...
Likely not.
But it sure would make a funny cartoon... the warden and Sargsyan the biggest secret fans of Pashinyan's writing.
In the meantime, give the man back his newspapers. That's just ridiculous.


nazarian said...

I'm sure it's part of their daily intelligence.

Քաղաքացի said...

All state bureaucrats read Pashinyan's articles, I'm sure!!!

Hayaser said...

I wonder HOW MUCH is pashin mashin getting paid to "hang out" in prison

Քաղաքացի said...

And how much are you paid to hang out from our nerves and heading the brain-washing campaign you're assigned?

HH said...

Pay no attention on "hayaser": his only goal is to distract us.

I am sure, very few in the government read anything. i am sure also that they hire people to read for them and see if there is anything about their persons only and then they react according to their personal nature.