Saturday, August 29, 2009

Much Needed New Online Network for the ANC

Հայ Ազգային Կոնգրեսի Ցանց

A new online network has been started, an Armenian National Congress Network. Yes, there are blogs and webpages, in Armenian, English and Russian, that are pro-Opposition. There are news sources, and even facebook groups and even circles within YouTube that are pro-Opposition.
But this is the first, that I know of at least, ANC based interactive website. I think its a great idea, and has great potential (yet another reason I wish there were more widespread internet access and usage in Armenia).
Visit the page, look around, join.
There are groups within the Network, resources, other information and even a live chat with other members.

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Anonymous said...

If it is not for the internet I would have stayed blissfully unaware of everything happening in Armenia like all my neighbours here in Yerevan. Not that they are interested too much.Usual conversation is about where to get money for basic things.