Monday, August 11, 2008

Attack on HZH reporter Lucine Baghdasaryan

This morning, Lucine Barseghyan, reporter for Haykakan Zhamanak, was attacked and beaten by 2 people. An announcement regarding this atrocious event was made by HIMA, and has been reported on lragir as well.
Briefly, the announcement explains that Ms. Barseghyan’s recent articles have exposed the anti-democratic and criminal workings of the government. More specifically, her articles have addressed the actions of Mher Sedrakyan ( and Hovik Abrahamyan ( Both of these individuals have been known in the past to settle scores with reporters. For these reasons, HIMA is assuming that the attack on Ms. Barseghyan was ordered by one of these individuals. The attack is considered an act against Free Speech and Press, and HIMA strongly condemns this and similar acts. HIMA youth movement demands that the perpetrators be found. Finally, they state that even if those guilty are not investigated now, the youth will bring each and every one of those guilty before the full force of the law.

...This is not the first time that and attack like this has happened during the past year. Unfortunately, I doubt it will be the last. So far, however, most (if not all) of the attacks have been on men. I wonder if the attack on a woman can be taken as a sign of utter desperation in the face of one's guilt being so exposed - desperation that is extreme enough to overcome the almost innate resistance to beating up a woman.

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