Friday, August 29, 2008

The Next Demonstration IS Postponed

It looks like the Demonstration planned for September 5th may be moved to the 12th... I will update this post when I have new information.

UPDATE: The Demonstration has, in fact, been postponed until September 12. The Sit-in on Northern Avenue will also end on Aug 31, and will be walks from 7-10 pm.
Here is the announcement in Armenian: ՀԱՅՏԱՐԱՐՈՒԹՅՈՒՆ.

Briefly, the announcement notes that in light of the upcoming Armenia-Turkey Football game on September 6th, the government of the RoA has imposed further limitations on fundamental human rights. The announcement notes the importance of additional measures aimed at ensuring public order and security, especially with so many fans expected to pour into Armenia for the football match. Three main decisions are announced:

1. The 24h sit in on Northern Boulevard will end after Aug 31
2. The September 5 rally will be moved to September 12
3. The Sit in will be replaced by nightly "walks" from 7-10 pm

The announcement also encourages its supporters to refrain from nationalistic provocations.

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