Thursday, August 28, 2008

What is the rally for?

Lragir reports that while the ARF rally/concert planned for September 1 has been turned down by city hall, it will be held on the 2nd in front of the Matenadaran. And, it is supposedly for the day of Freedom of Artsakh.

I thought this event was supposed to be in protest of Gul's coming. But Gul hasn't decided if he's coming. How do you plan a 'welcome party' if you don't know if your guest of honor is coming? Has the entire event transformed, or is this a separate event?

The ARF truly is the master of revisionist history. Despite the ARF's great claims, their true numbers of participation in the war in NK were quite small. NK fighters were given more supplies if they swore an oath to the ARF - that meant that if you did not take the oath, you could see, but were not given, the aid from the ARF... Not to mention that they lay claim to numerous true fighters, who were in fact not ARFers.

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Haik said...

In many instances ARF supplied the fighters with clothing and then gave them flags and took pictures for PR.
This is how it worked.

The fighters didnt care about flags and banners they had more important things to worry about in the bettlefields.

During the early days when the fights in Getashen and Shahoomian broke up not a single penny was given by ARF to the defence. People were fighting with home made rifles that could fire only single shots.