Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Looking in the mirror...

As Unzipped has pointed out, there has been yet another beating of a journalist in Yerevan, this time of Hrach Melkumian, Chief of Radio Liberty in Yerevan. RFE/RL has the article in Armenian, not yet in English.

It's easy for some, whether they be politicians, Armenians, or both, to sit in another country and sigh, shake their heads, and say, how sad but its not surprising. But it may actually be easier to grasp the significance of these events if they are placed, say, in the US context. What if Dan Rather, Nina Totenberg, or Bill O'Reilly had been beaten up?

And to those who would say that such things, oppression and violence, do not happen in the United States, let them look at the history of the US in the past 50 or so years.

UPDATE: RFE/RL has has posted a Watchdog Blog article about the recent beatings in Armenia.

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