Saturday, August 30, 2008

Just Another Brick in the Wall...

"“Haykakan Zhamanak” comments on Sarkisian’s threats to fire schoolteachers and university professors engaged in “political propaganda.” “Tigran Sarkisian thereby ordered the dismissal of schoolteachers and professors making no secret of their pro-opposition views,” “But if we theoretically assume that Tigran Sarkisian wants to do what he is ordering, that is a step directed against Serzh Sarkisian. The thing is that 99 percent of the school principals are members of pro-government parties and the Republican Party in particular. Most of them chair election commissions. They are the ones who mainly rig elections.” says the paper. [from the weekly news roundup on RFE/RL]

This is a nice twist - Sarkisian clearly is masking his threats towards pro-opposition attitudes by addressing all "political propaganda." HZh turns this around nicely, saying that if that were so, then a huge percentage of the principals would fired, as they are part of the authorities' machinery of corruption.

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