Monday, August 18, 2008

Open Letter Regarding M. Malkhasyan

Several days ago, an open letter was published by, I think, Malkhasyan's family regarding his situation. The original is on lragir, below is the translation:

Myasnik Malkhasyan, a member of the National Assembly of Armenia and a  
veteran of the Karabakh War, has been in prison for six months. During  
the 2008 presidential election he was a supporter of Levon  
Ter-Petrossian. The freedom fighter was taken into custody on March 2  
and charged with articles 225/3 and 300/1 of the Republic of Armenia  
Criminal Code. The Office of the Chief Prosecutor has been trying to  
isolate Myasnik Malkhasyan from his electors at any price in order to  
block his influence on wide segments of the public.
The government of Serzh Sargsyan is not loathe to use even the
vilest and most lowly methods to eliminate its ideological opponent;  
apparently it has now adopted the path of eliminating political  
prisoners physically. As is well known, Serzh Sargsyan has followed a  
policy of harsh treatment and of fatal destruction of the health of  
those freedom fighters of the Karabakh War who stood with Levon  
Ter-Petrossian, freedom fighters whose health was already seriously  
damaged on the battlefield.  Myasnik Malkhasyan’s health has  
deteriorated seriously during the six months he has spent in prison  
and is now in critical condition. Myasnik Malkhasyan suffers from  
diabetes, a condition that has become more acute in prison and now  
requires laboratory tests and hospitalization. According to the  
European Convention on Human rights, the failure to provide  
appropriate medical assistance to those in prison and to replace  
imprisonment with other means of custody for those under pre-trial  
detention who are in ill-health constitute forms of torture.
Myasnik Malkhasyan, who sacrificed his life and health for the  
fatherland, is now being tortured in prison; and the decision by the  
Chief Prosecutor’s Office to reject bail or some other form of custody  
amounts to the death penalty, since his health is deteriorating day by  
We address ourselves to you, Chief Prosecutor Aghvan Hovsepyan, and  
simply warn you that using physical weakness, using sickness with  
serious symptoms to eliminate an undesirable opponent, you are  
assuring that you are immortalizing your name by adding it to the  
black list of traitors to the fatherland. We call upon you to regain  
your senses, since it is not yet too late, and provide an opportunity  
to save the life of a hero of the Karabakh War. Myasnik Malkhasyan 
risked his life on the battlefield for you and your children as well.

Posted in Lragir, August 15, 2008

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