Wednesday, April 8, 2009

In the Shadow of Border/Genocide talks, Bazaz and his troupe strike at human rights again... literally

A1plus is reporting that one of their reporters was beaten up earlier today on Northern Boulevard, that was reported to have been just minutes before 8:30 pm Yerevan time. The reporter, David Jalalyan, was apparently beaten up by the now infamous Chief of Patrol Division Robert Melkonyan, who through his numerous appearances has come to have a nickname, Bazaz.
It is also known at this time, through articles and Press Releases from the Armenian National Congress, that around 6pm, 11 individuals were taken by police forces from Northern Boulevard, including Levon Zurabyan, who is the coordinator/spokesperson for the ANC. For those who don't remember, he is often the one dealing directly with the police/security forces, trying to get permission for demonstrations. It seems at least Zurabyan has been released at this time, as per the most recent A1 plus article (in Armenian only so far). As per that last A1plus article, Zurabyan has been set free.
Below is the list of 11 individuals taken in by the police.
I wonder if the staunch supporters of human rights at Civilitas can see all of this happening on Northern Boulevard. Or were their lights turned off, just like those at the Foreign Embassies on March 1-2.

Vahagn Gevorgyan
Gevorg Boyajyan
Mariam Poghosyan
Alla Sardaryan
Svetlana Mikayelyan
Valentina Mirzoyan
Arayik Mirzoyan
Anahit Grigoryan
Armen Tovmasyan
Levon Zurabyan (now thought to be set free)
Ashot Tatevosyan

a1plus video

video from a1plus


Anonymous said...

And what does Armen Harutunyan have to say to all this?

tzitzernak2 said...

Good question - You should email this question to the email address provided for the Live Webcast tomorrow - they're asking for questions to be sent via email:

Anonymous said...

a1minus has become a scratch-in-the-record drone for the anti-state activity in armenia.

sh said...

yes, the violations and killings have to be praised. Go ahead and be violated all the time, anonymous.

Hayaser said...

does anyone know if these COWARD cops would put their corrupt hands on spyurks "if" they ever joined these protestors. i'd like to see these ESHEK cops put their hands on me when I am there protesting along with my ppl. i'll break his hand before he could cry out to his cronies...HEEEEEEEELLLLP !