Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Solution to the Genocide Issue Has Certain Other Connections

Armenian-Turkish relations, border politics, and Genocide recognition have been intertwined ever since independence in 1991.  Back then, the LTP administration thought a key factor to developing an economically and politically stable Armenia was the solution of the NK war.  To that end, Genocide recognition, Hay Tad, was put on the back burner.  The border remained closed, except for a few instances here and there (which are of great significance but a whole different story).  During the 1990's, the ARF was critical (to put it nicely) of the LTP administration for even thinking about trying to have some type of relations with Turkey, considering this type of thought a type of blasphemy.  Of course, the ARF is the same group that despite years of dreaming of a free and independent Armenia did not rejoice at the 1991 independence; despite a  history, name, emblem and oath which imply and swear to protect Armenia, mustered fewer than 10 Diasporans to fight in the war and is thought to have "lost" money which was meant to go toward the war effort; and who today sits in the ruling coalition, grabbing on to whatever power it can, while intermittently tossing out weak criticisms of the government's decisions that sound more like suggestions.  And even today, when there is so much discussion about potential border opening without Genocide recognition, the ARF still cannot bring itself to make a strong statement that might jeopardize whatever power they may have. As per a recent A1+ article, Manoyan said the ARF is not against the border opening, but "we are getting ready to release a document to prevent the possible dangers of that." Phew. But I digress. 

With all of the recent comments and opinions about all that may or may not happen this month vis a vis Genocide Recognition, and the Turkish border, and how the fact that these are now linked to NK, as well as the criticism (or lack thereof) of the current unacceptable political situation in Armenia, I thought it might be worthwhile to post the transcript of what Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan said regarding Armenia on his April 3 Speech to Chattham House. The full speech and the Q+A which followed are available at the Chattham House website. The section on Armenia was actually in the Q+A section (minutes 11:50-16:13), where all of the questions were posed at the beginning, and then the questions answered collectively by the Prime minister.

Now, next to Iraq, Israel, Syria, and the Co-chair added immediately, Armenia to that triangle, so let me make a general assessment. Well, Turkey does not have any animosity or any hatred towards anybody. But there are certain circles who have, and feed these feelings against us. In the international arena, we have never, never accused anybody of genocide, be it real or so-called from the past. But the Armenian Diaspora unfortunately is doing exactly that for years and years. They are underlining the fact that there has been a so-called genocide in Turkey. This is not something that we can accept, something that has not taken place. In 2005, I wrote a letter to President Kocharyan and I said, this is an issue that needs to be investigated by historians. I said, let historians, legal experts, archeologists, sociologists examine this issue, let them prepare a report, and let us politicians then decide on the basis of this report. However he never answered my letter. But now, a positive process has started, as you know, on the occasion of the national football team game in Armenia, the President of our Republic went to Armenia and then they came together again on an occasion in Washington, then I met Mr. Sargysan in Davos. Our Foreign Ministers are constantly talking to each other, at lower levels the bureaucrats, technocrats are in contact. We want to solve this problem. But that solution has certain other connections. For instance, there has been for the last 17 years the Minsk troika working on this issue, composed of United States, Russia and France. What are they going to solve the problem of Nagorny-Kharabagh, which is a problem between Azerbaijan and Armenia. As long as that problem is not resolved, it is not possible for us to adopt a healthy decision. But we have still taken certain steps as a preparation of the way, and we are trying also to prepare the region for this development. We are talking to our Azeri friends, we are talking to our Armenian friends. But we tell them, Russia, France and the United States, they should accelerate their work, and they should conclude that work so that they can facilitate our hand. We established the Caucasian Cooperation and Stability Platform, and we are working on that. We are working on a geographical basis: Russia, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia. Five countries belong to that platform. Russia has serious problems with Georgia, for instance, how can they come together? In the same way as Turkey will come together with Armenia, for instance. Because we want a world based on peace, where the neighboring countries do not hate each other, do not fight with each other. And, even for two years we have been elected to the Security Council of the United Nations, and so we have a responsibility in that framework as well.


Hayk said...

Tzitz2, you wrote;
"Back then, the LTP administration thought a key factor to developing an economically and politically stable Armenia was the solution of the NK war. To that end, Genocide recognition, Hay Tad, was put on the back burner."

Please do not rewrite history. LTP and his cronies melted down what was sellable and sold it. They got rich, forced out any competition, and drive away potential investors from the west.

Instead of exporting products, the policy was to export people.
Criminal thugs, oligarchs, and stifling of society were ushered in to rule during this low point of Armenian history.

Hayaser said...


LTP and his cronies melted down what was sellable and sold it. They got rich, forced out any competition, and drive away potential investors from the west

YOU MEAN HOW Rk and his lil bitch ss doing last 5-9 years now? they learned from the best(their predecessors). if one wants to know how to repeat that same process all they have to do is watch & learn

i am not JEWtp-akan, nor robik mobik serjik perjik-akan. i am HAYKakan, i am for HAYKastan only, however you cannot persist to assume that this current mafia thugs are any better than JEWtp and his "bandit-ocracies" both admins are cancer to our Hayastan, there is no lesser evil between these 2. both are equally evil as the other

and regarding so-called "problem" of Artsakh....there is no "problem", we took back what birthrightfully belongs to us, ok...there..."problem" solved !

Armen Filadelfiatsi said...

I love that word "birthrightfully,"

Aside from the notbirthrightfullybullshitycrap, Levon Ter-Petrossian is the only person who will act to make Armenia a better place.

The man is a scholar and a patriot. I love Levon Ter-Petrossian.

Anonymous said...

That is phunny, filadelphia.

Bring back, LTP, Vano and Stalin!


Hayaser said...

well we certainly know who AF stands with....JEWS JEWS JEWS and well....MORE JEWS

handing Armenia to JEWtp, is same as handing it over on silver platter to our enemies. anyone (including AF) who is JEWtp supporter needs to be in serious deep mental therapy. anyone who supports that EVIL JEW and his zionist jew ideology is only doing so because of his popularity and money, if i had money, power and jew connections as he does everyone would follow me too

Sovorakan hay said...

How did this blog become a sick place? Did "hayaser" manage it alone? Is he serving to some destructive forces he loves talking about?