Thursday, April 16, 2009

Playing Games and Promoting Brotherly Love

There are some serious games being played, and I fear that in the end it will be Armenia who loses out. Its not clear who is in control of what, or whom. But what is clear is that somehow SS has managed to do something none of the Presidents of an Independent Armenia since 1991 have done so far, he seems to have brought Azerbaijan and Turkey closer together. Who says he isn't a peacemaker? Take a look at some of these goings on...

After all of the hype of the Armenia-Turkey border, (including the entwinement of both Genocide recognition and NK resolution into the hype), it seems the talks are falling apart. Not surprising. On April 10, Baku set forth its set of three conditions for Turkey's normalization of relations with Armenia (Hurriyet article).

1. Armenian Forces should withdraw from five of the seven regions around NK
2. The Southern region of Lachin, below the corridor, should be returned
3. Turkey must have access to the Lachin corridor (see my old post re Lachin)

That's quite the list. And 5 days later (Hurriyet), several members of Turkey's parliament made clear their allegiance to Azerbaijan; And Erdogan is now saying that the NK issue must be resolved before further progress in Turkish Armenian relations. Did no one think of this potential snag prior to the talks about normalizing relations? Are these the criteria set forth in the secret meetings last year, that SS thought he would be able to pull off so readily (remember SS thinking he would be able to dictate a settlement to NK), and now has not been able to? If so, given SS's inability to produce promised results, is the publication of these criteria a show of frustration from the Azeri side, or is it part of a plan (of which SS is aware) for forcing NK and the Armenian people to agree to a deal, which he signed last year?
But, fret not. On April 15, SS came out and said that "Kharabagh cannot enter Azerbaijan's territory." So don't worry, he's clearly in control.

And what about PACE? They seem to keep delaying and delaying (sounds like a familiar tactic used by the courts in Armenia). Once again, after all the hype about the Co-rapporteur report in March of this year, and what it meant, and what it would mean when it was presented to PACE this April, guess what? This Armenian issue is not even on the schedule to be discussed in April - thanks Colombier and Prescott. Take a look at the Draft Agenda for the April meetings. There is an open spot at 10:30 am one of the days for any emergency issues, but that's it. And in fact, if you look at the specific Monitoring Committee Reports website, the next time the Armenian issue is noted to be likely to be discussed is "2010, First Part Session." Mr. Arman Grigoryan, who has represented the ANC/Opposition in the past to PACE, has commented on this lack of inclusion into the April PACE meetings, and is apparently going to visit Strasbourg soon to see what is going on.

More hype, more distraction, more collapse, more confusion and misinformation, more time passes, more collapse. Maybe SS is distracting not only the people of Armenia, but himself. Hoping that the long, painful, car ride of his presidency will just go by more quickly if he can play games and distract himself.


Anonymous said...

Enough disinformation. Tzitz - you make it sound like azerbaijan and turkey have been warring with each other for years and it is only Sargsyan who has been able to bring them together.

Armen Filadelfiatsi said...

This whole thing is b/millionaires planting stories in the newspapers. You'd think that there would be some compelling reason, at least for them, to plant stories in newspapers, but you'd be wrong. So let me restate the complete thought: This whole thing is b/millionaires planting stories in newspapers for no particular reason.

See, anyone who wants to understand what is going on usually notices that the stories that are printed in newspapers are, first, suspicious, and, second, plants. That much is logical.

But what drives such people, meaning people who want to understand what is going on, crazy is why these stories are planted in the first place. What purpose do they serve? How are they supposed to affect the general sentiment of the people who read the newspapers? And the answer is: for no particular reason other than the egos of the people involved.

This is what we, the people who want to understand what is going on, should constantly remind ourselves: The general sentiment of the people is worth, to the people who plant these stories, about as much as a dung beetle's daily pay, i.e. a spherical piece of shit about a centimeter in diameter, roughly speaking.

So here we are trying to figure out what the fuck is going on, and all we have to work with is random bullshit planted in papers. There's some serious Kafka-esque-ity going on here. Figuring out what's really going on is a full-time job in the insane asylum. Do we really want that job? And, yet, somebody's gotta do it.

As far as what Serzh is concerned, the question is even more difficult to figure out: Is he really a confused, stupid person, or is the confused stupidity that follows him simply the normal confused stupidity of our Kafka-esque world? That's like Dante's white pearl in front the white forehead, in reverse.

Truly, with Serzh, it becomes a theological question.

Let's have some fun at least in the meanwhile. I'm calling a caption contest to the picture you posted with Serzh and Medvedev. My caption is, "Hello, Serzh! Sit down and help yourself to a nice, hot cup of STFU!"

That, I think we can all agree, is real and not complicated.

Hayaser said...

wow, can rk/ss regime SCREW Hayastan even moree, because they are BUSH/CHENEY of Hayastan they will do one last FUCK UP before leaving office

I love to hate said...

wow - this is a cool blog. some spiteful writing fueled by hate, eliciting hateful comments, topped off with some hate-sauce, and a hate-cherry on top.

how persuasive.