Thursday, April 30, 2009

Did the Ombudsman eat some Spinach??

More youth were attacked last night, and another reporter was beaten. These are not new occurences, unfortunately.
The former Chief of Police Hayk Harutyunyan stated today that the demonstrators at the French Embassy last March were "aggressive," the violent means used by the Police were justified, and those who organized those demonstrations are too blame. This was also not surprising, but new nonetheless.

What was both new and surprising was the Ombudsman's behavior. He condemned the beating of the youths and the beating of the journalist. Not only that, but as per Lragir:

Ombudsman Armen Harutunyan, who took part in the session of the commission, said that he had been near the Embassy of France on that day and he had not seen any aggressive crowd there, noting that maybe he and the Chief of the Police attended different manifestations. Hayk Harutunyan asked whether it could not be assessed as aggression the actions of the ralliers who took the trams and made barricades of them closing the central streets.
“As a lawyer, let me tell the other lawyer, that the rights for self-defense and possessive rights should be based on natural rights. If it contradicts the natural rights, so the possessive rights and their interpreters are wrong”, in answer to Hayk Harutunyan stated the Human Rights Defender Armen Harutunyan.

Maybe the Ombudsman is starting to turn around. Could it be?
Has he been eating his spinach?

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Hagop said...

No, I don't think he likes spinach. I think, since robert is not in power anymore, he feels safier in regard of the crimes implemented by him. It's not the same regarding ss. And, he always is afraid for his own life, so, I am sure, he sincerely doesn't like when somebody is badly beaten, especially a lawyer as himself.