Friday, November 6, 2009

Authorities declare Pashinyan's trial invalid

In a bizarre turn of events, the government of Armenia has chosen a creative and unprecedented route to free political prisoner Nikol Pashinyan. Pashinyan, now a candidate for an empty MP seat, needed documentation of permanent residence of 5 years in Armenia to complete his paperwork. The Ijevan branch of the RA Police Passport and Visa Department has refused to give him that documentation, stating that he was not in Armenia between February 26 and July 7 of 2008. This is where the authorities' amazing and calculated strategy shines brilliant. Pashinyan is currently imprisoned and on trial for his role in the events of March 1, 2008. And, he turned himself in to the authorities, as witnessed by numerous article and videos, on July 1, 2008. With these minor but important changes in the dates, the government has made clear that it is impossible that Nikol Pashinyan could have been involved in any illegal events in Yerevan on March 1, 2008, that the charges are fundamentally invalid, and must be dropped. Now, what this means for those police and officials who have testified that Pashinyan was in fact in Yerevan on that date, I don't know - I hope they will not be reprimanded for their apparent perjury.

With this most recent move, the authorities have shown that they have truly turned over a new leaf, and are willing to make democracy and human rights a true priority in Armenia. The court will have no choice but to drop the charges against Pashinyan, and set him free. What's next? Will they reveal documents or videos that show undeniable proof that the order for March 1 was given by individuals high up in the government? Will the authorities come forth and say their position as negotiators on behalf of the Republic of Armenia is compromised, and voluntarily step back? Could Sargsyan's resignation be next?

Who knows. But, the authorities should be commended for this selfless act. I can't wait to see what's next...

[Note: this is obviously quite a sarcastic post. The fact is, that the authorities couldn't even get the dates right. So now we have an illegitimate and oppressive regime that can't even come up with good lies and excuses. Hey, guys, at least check your dates. It's a little embarassing when you guys mess up so badly. If you need help, just ask, ok?]

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Anonymous said...

Based on analyses there are 4 different Nikol Pashinyans and the one in jail is the wrong Nikol.