Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Who's minion is on the other end?

"Authorities - You killed our sons"

"Don't try the heroes, try the murderers"

These were two of the posters held up outside Pashinyan's trial today, as well as pictures of many of the victims of March1. The video also shows brief interviews with mothers and fathers of those fallen men, their statements are clear and strong and in line with the messages of the posters. Gor Kloyan's father, Sargis Kloyan, said about the poster on the left ""I wrote this sign with my own two hands and I wrote the truth because the police killed my son by the order of Robert Kocharyan...[] The commander-in-chief and the godfather of all this is Robert Kocharyan." A1plus had a brief article, and a video.

At about 4:22min to 4:28, a woman's voice says, in response to what seem to be (and are reported) statements by the police that the signs were anti-government, says "What, do the signs say something false? What's written there is what several hundred thousand people saw."

And, fear not, while I haven't seen the illustrious Bazaz around for a bit, it seems his almost equally evil shadow, Valeri Osipyan, is out and about - watch the video above to catch him starring in some of his most recent acts of oppression!

Speaking of Kocharyan, there was an article recently of the Meghri exchange option coming up again...

And who is he calling... who does he report to, or turn to when he needs backup? The minions of which oligarch are on the other end of that line?

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