Monday, November 9, 2009

It goes both ways - evidence is evidence

A while back the newspaper Haykakan Zhamanak published a story that one of Robert Kocharyan's sons had caused some type of ruckus in Dubai. Long story short, that resulted in the Kocharyan family suing HZH for slander or some such charge. One of the main pieces of evidence put forth that said Kocharyan son had NOT been in Dubai at the time of the alleged ruckus was that his passport did not hold any evidence of travel to Dubai at that time.

It goes both ways.

Likewise, if Pashinyan's passport does not hold any evidence that Pashinyan travelled abroad, well, then he was in Armenia during that time.

Any other argument would be absurd...

RFE/RL interview(60 min program) November 9 with Lucine Sahakyan (Pashinyan's lawyer) from approx 6min to 11:34 min.

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Anonymous said...

Well, one is Kocharyan's son, the other is not...