Sunday, November 1, 2009

Keeping it in the family

How do we, as humans commit to people? What makes bonds strong?...
We find similarities. We do favors and practice reciprocity. We make promises. We make threats. We use money.
And what makes any bond even tighter, stronger?

About two weeks ago, on October 17, Hovik Abrahamyan's (aka "Muk," speaker of the NA of the RoA) son married the daughter of Gagik Tsarukyan (aka "Dodi Gago," who is a member of the NA)
And just the other day, on October 31, Serzh Sargsyan's daughter married the nephew of the wife of Armenian Constitutional Court chairman.

I wish the best for the young couples - this isn't about them.
What I am concerned about are the repercussions that the merging of these families will have on politics in Armenia.

As Lragir entitled their recent piece, it's a FEUDAL HUMAN TRAGEDY.


nazarian said...

These guys don't come from the best of the gene pools. After some time, they are gonna start inbreeding and then we'll think the idiots ruling Armenia in 2009 were the wise ones.

Anonymous said...

careful - same genes as you kaj nazar.

Haik said...

without even inbreeding. The Armenian so called traditional family structure is to pamper the kids as long as possible. the level of pampering depends on the money. More money more pampering which leads to better idiots. this is not 100% the case but is true mostly.

nazarian said...

anonymous, I am related neither to Muk nor Dod.