Thursday, November 26, 2009

Life in Prison

The information and picture are via HZH (Nov 26 2009). The rest of the HZH article states that the picture was made available on the web about 2 months ago, was likely taken at Nubarashen prison for those sentenced to life imprisonment, and that the RoA does not allow such gatherings, especially in the cells of those sentenced to life imprisonment. HZH also notes that it would be interesting to know who is securing the well-being of these prisoners.
A1+ had an article today, and noted that Artyom Khachatryan is the editor in chief of the newspaper Azatamtutyun.
The nickname "Shizolini" was one given to him by the press after the publication of his book "Gift to Pasolini" and it was soon revealed that Khachatryan is supposedly schizophrenic - hence Pasolini + Schizophrenia = Shizolini.

Now, these guys are convicted of what amount to crimes against the state, and in essence the people and the nation. And this is their punishment.

I think I see some prison bars in the back left corner of the photo... if I squint... But it may just be some art deco...

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm,if Sergik's government is spending so much money to sustain a prison life like this one, won't it be better if Serge took care of his people outside of prison? Or am I asking too much...
On the other hand, Serge has to take care of these men or else ...?
aziz 55.5