Sunday, November 29, 2009

Raise your hand if Putin "Hailing" HHK convention makes you feel better...

Let's take a look at the past 2 weeks or so...
On November 17, it is announced that Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan’s application to join the ruling party, President Serge Sargsyan’s Republican Party (HHK), is accepted.
On Nov 18, in the Yerevan Council, there are reports of significant clashes between Sargsyan’s HHK and Dodi Gago’s BHK . In fact, due to this clash, where the BHK claims that the HHK is ruling Yerevan singlehandedly, the BHK threatens to walk out (reported on the 19th).
And, on November 20-22, Dodi Gago participates in the United Russia Party convention.
Less than a week later, former coalition member ARF accuses Russia of acting against the national interests of Armenia, but one day later, November 25, they are explaining their criticism (which, if you ask me, was about as weak a criticism as was their supposed criticism of Kocharyan’s response to LTP).
On the same day, November 25, 2 ministers and 7 other top government officials who are close to PM Sarkisyan are applying for HHK membership.
On November 28, the HHK starts its convention. The ARF was invited and present, as “opposition.” The BHK was invited and present, but Dodi Gago was not there, even though Sargsyan was there at Dodi Gago’s BHK convention a while back. And, remember Orinats Yerkir? Artur Baghdasaryan was also at the HHK convention today, as was Vazgen Manukyan. And, the United Russia Party also had representatives there, and has expressed its desire to strengthen ties with the HHK. It is expected that both Mayor Beglaryan and Tigran Sargsyan will be voted onto the executive board of the HHK.

In the end, it seems, there are persistent problems between S. Sargsyan and Dodi Gago, and a shifting/concentration of weight towards SS/HHK, with the ARF still trying to stay relevant and playing games. None of it is surprising, actually. But it makes me wonder, for sure – if this is what we see from the outside, what’s really going on in the inside?
But I am at peace, as Putin has “hailed” the HHK convention. Phew.

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