Friday, November 7, 2008

Guess what???

Guess who is next in line for office of President of the Republic of Armenia IF SS is removed... The Chair of the National Assembly, aka, Hovik Abrahamyan, aka, Muk...Yes, he is a member of the nickname club.

A known thug, a man who was quite close to RK. In fact, when he started rising through the ranks of the National Assembly after March, 2008, it was hypothesized by many that he was part of the mechanism to bring RK back into the visible limelight. See Muk's official biography on the National Assembly Website. Of course, his true accomplishments are not on the official Biography - we'll have to wait for the uncensored version for what he's really done.

Keep in mind that Hatspanyan has revealed news of a plot to kill SS. According to the laws of Armenia, Muk would become the temporary President. How interesting.

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