Thursday, November 20, 2008

A sniper in the midst...

"Nikoyan effectively acknowledged the authenticity of the tape as he admitted that the police did have one sniper at their disposal.

“They officially replied to my inquiry – ‘the presence of one sniper’. There was one such sniper.” "(from rfe/rl)

If your purpose is to quiet the masses, to prevent mass unrest and violence, to secure the safety of a city, then why would you work on targeting individuals via a sniper?

Why not use smoke bombs? Why not just fire into the air? Why not try to negotiate?
[Which, by the by, is what LTP did when the mob tried to take down the gates of the Presidential building in 1996, and that was after he found out members of Parliament had been kidnapped.]

That's not to mention the real way to deal with the situation, the unspeakable way, that is, to deal with the underlying cause.

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