Thursday, November 6, 2008

Threat to SS???

Over the past couple of days a news story is breaking out re: an interview Hatspanyan gave stating that he has information about a plot against SS's life - the English of which is now available on khosq
The original Armenian interview can be found on Haykakan Zhamanak.
Lragir reports today that :

The National Security Service has launched legal proceedings on the basis of the report of the Haykakan Zhamanak Newspaper, the NSS reports. The Haykakan Zhamanak had reported that Sargis Hatspanyan had stated referring to reliable and serious sources that an attempt against Serge Sargsyan is being plotted. In this connection, the NSS has launched legal proceedings under Article 35-305 of the Crime Code, plotting attempt against a statesman.

A1plus has a similar follow-up report.
As per Hatspanyan's source, Kocharyan driven forces are responsible for the possible attempt against SS's life. Including Oskanyan's new Civilitas Foundation. Curious who they are? Go to their website, where you will find some information, and many pictures of Oskanyan:


HH said...

I was just looking on the pictures in their (Civilitas') website. What is this obsession with the balcony?

hh said...

By the way, Hacpanian was arrested yesterday. If by now I wasn't sure if he was sincere or perhaps was serving SS, now I think he was telling the truth.