Saturday, November 22, 2008

Jahangiryan in the courtroom...

Gagik Jahangiryan, former deputy Prosecutor-General, was fired when he openly supported the opposition on Feb 22, claimed the presidential election was fraudulent, and to top it off, supported LTP's viewpoint regarding the fateful events of October 27, 1999. After those statements he and his brother were basically kidnapped, his brother shot during the event.
Jahangiryan has a defense lawyer, but has been doing alot of his own talking, as can be heard on excerpts that are often played on rfe/rl broadcasts. He is an extremely powerful entity in the courtroom, as the combination of his knowledge of law, and unwavering insistence on the Truth make it very difficult for those trying to bend the truth. At one point he is arguing with the Judge, outright - and in one of the later segments he is has gone past questioning those on the stand to questioning the entire substrate of corrupt politics and law in present Armenia. But, its been a while since I'd seen any new videos or photos, so I was glad when a1plus posted one.

On another note, for those wondering where all this sniper business came from, listen to it on YouTube here.

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