Thursday, November 27, 2008

Pay raises for judges

There's not doubt that many in Armenia need raises. Many who work hard, and struggle, even if they have money coming in from the outside, to make ends meet, should be being paid so much more than they are now. The old woman, bent over, sweeping the street with a hand held broom head for so many hours, who leaves that job to then have another job cleaning bathrooms at some bar or restaurant, and still can't pay the admission fee for her kid to go to school. That woman need a raise, or five.
But guess who is going to get a nice fat raise? Definitely not that woman, or so many like her. Nope.

Among others, judges are getting raises... Below are a few excerpts from Noyan Tapan...
It was additionally stipulated in the bill passed in the first reading that the salaries of the chairman and members of the Constitutional Court will make: in 2009 the salary of the CC chairman will make 680 thousand drams instead of the current 340 thousand drams, and that of a member of the CC will make 600 thousand drams instead of 300 thousand drams. This changes will be in force from January 1 to December 31 of 2009.

...That's the same constitutional court, by the way, that we saw in action earlier this year, soon after the so-called democratic election in February.

The minimum is going up too, but not proportionately...
By the last two bills, starting from January 1, 2009, the minimum monthly salary and the personal deduction from the gross income will make 30 thousand drams (about 100 dollars) instead of current 25 thousand drams

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