Saturday, November 8, 2008

Lachin, Lachin, Lachin

One of the main reasons we went to war over Karabagh was to assure the security of the people of Karabagh. And to assure that, we needed to secure Lachin, and more specifically, the Lachin Corridor. It was a sticking point back then, and it is now - here's an excerpt from yesterday's RFE/RL article:
Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov singled out late last month the future of the so-called Lachin corridor, which provides for the shortest overland link between Karabakh and Armenia proper, as the main stumbling block in the negotiating process. He did not elaborate, though.

“Everybody knows that that issue has to be resolved,” Bryza said, referring to Lachin. “It’s an important one. We’re working on that and getting closer to that.”

From what I recall, with the 1994 ceasefire, not only the Lachin corridor, but the entire Lachin Region, would be and still is controlled by Armenians. Take a look at these maps and see just how important this region is.

I sure hope these guys know what they're doing.
Whether they're trying to save their own faces, their asses, their political offices, or their political parties, on all sides (Russian, American, Armenian to name a few), I hope they know what they're doing.

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